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08/30/06 - Our first poster supplier, CafePress, was unable to meet our quality requirements, so posters are still hard to come by in quantity.  If you’re interested in getting prints of any of the Nature pictures, send me an email

I would like to thank all of the models I’ve worked with (most especially Suzy) for helping me explore portrait photography.  Although it didn’t work out, I had a great time.

08/15/06 - The experiment in portrait photography has come to an end.  While the pictures turned out pretty well, the rest of it didn’t.  I’ve removed the Portrait Photography section, although Suzy’s portfolio is still up here

07/12/06 - Some more updates.  Added a section on works in progress.  Also getting ready to make poster prints and such available for order.

05/31/06 - Beach pictures (sunrise, sunset, misc) added to the Nature portfolio.

05/24/06 - This site is still very new and will certainly undergo significant changes in the next few months.  Please bear with us as we get things up and running.

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